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Oreos, a huge brand in the US but unknown in Ireland, wanted to grow market share in a country where there are many cheaper alternative ‘cookies’ that have been family favourites for generations. Despite the task, being a small market meant there was a very small budget.




Recognising that an overtly US campaign wouldn’t get cut-through, we took the famous Oreos slogan, ‘Twist, Lick, Dunk’ and made it Ireland’s own by focussing on celebrating the best of Dublin – home to the majority of the population.


We gave Dublin’s most famous destinations, culture and events the Oreo Twist with an outdoor campaign cleverly targeted to different venues and transport routes with a witty and popular campaign. Because we were essentially providing free advertising for museums, galleries, etc. many of them were happy to provide free media and PR – and through local competitions, other venues could apply to be ‘celebrated with an 'Oreo Twist’. Paid social supported the campaign, but it got its biggest boost from a celebrated journalist and influencer Conor Byrne and it wasn’t long before the Oreos Twist Dublin campaign was fully accepted as part of Irish culture by being featured in the Irish Times.


It proved such an effective and cost-efficient campaign the strategy has since been rolled out all over Europe.



Creatives: James White, Henry Finnegan, Sean Cullen, Dan Shone, Colin Mitchell; CGI: Colourworks

Oreos ‘Twist, Lick, Dunk’ Dublin

Making an American cookie, Ireland’s own.

Oreo Bram stoker City Gallery.jpg
Oreo Bram stoker City Gallery.jpg
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