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OKI LED printers global campaign

Maximum global impact delivered with a minimal budget





OKI is a Japanese, office LED printer business who are struggling to grow market share globally against the dominant goliaths of HP and Canon. Traditionally they have targeted SMEs with a proposition based on price, but this was eroding margin and no longer viable.




We started out looking at exactly how colour printers are used in the workplace across all sectors and discovered this is for presentation work and sales documents. With this insight and the truth that LED printing can deliver more vibrant and accurate colour than other forms of office printer, we created a campaign that dramatised how OKI can help businesses stand out.


Using the science of colour theory and optical illusions we created images that were literally ‘Alive with colour’ and although static, looked as if they were moving.


As a global campaign, it worked across all cultures and we engaged local markets to create execution templates that would work with local messaging and with different channel partners. The idea also had to be flexible enough to work across a range of channels such as packaging, in-store display, animated gifs as well as traditional media.


The campaign was an instant hit. It has proved so successful OKI had to open new product lines in Europe and Asia,to make more printers. The designs have even been turned into salesmen’s ties and scarves. Despite its tiny budget the campaign instantly gained worldwide recognition and increased revenues.


Creative Team: David harris, Ian Cawley, Wayne Jordan; Illustrator: Kiki Ljung (Folio)

OKi fish v2.jpg
OKI bike.jpg
OKI peacock.jpg
OKI lighthousev2.jpg
OKI flower.jpg
OKI Heathrow express.jpg
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