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Jabra makes headphones which are primarily sold to a business audience with a particular focus on call centres. They’re high quality and packed with technology that makes them perfect for the office. But in the consumer world, Jabra was relatively unknown. When they introduced some wireless sports earbuds the challenge was how to launch them in a credible way.




Most research for headphones is done online. The advantage of the wireless Jabra Elite earbuds is that they’re packed with technology, yet discreet. They are perfect for travel and sport. With a minimal budget, we created a social campaign targeted at millennials. To build Jabra’s tech credentials the video needed to impart a lot of information yet still feel as aspirational as ads from established rivals like Beats or Bose. We called in a specialist sports director and type designer to co-create the film and graphics, working to a tight script. Different language variations were addressed at the same time.


Despite their relatively high cost and Jabra’s lack of brand awareness, their Elite Sport buds flew off the shelves and got precious display space at airports and major sports retailers. The social buzz about them was positive, people literally quoting the lines in the videos about their technical brilliance.


Director: Daryl Goodrich, Writer: David Harris

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

Launching a new product, from an unknown brand, in a highly competitive sector, with a tiny budget

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