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The BA brand was always synonymous with quality but increasingly holiday ‘partners’ were using the British Airways logo on their communications – which they had permission to do – but which created the perception British Airways was a bucket shop holiday provider.




BA's initial response to this challenge as outlined in their brief was only to feature luxury holidays in their communications. But as the bulk of revenue comes from family holidays which are modest rather than luxurious, and BA already had a reputation for being 'expensive' this would have alienated a core market.


The solution was to create a sub-brand of British Airways specifically to sell holidays. This was split between those aimed at modest budgets, called British Airways Holidays and another brand, the Prestige Collection. To build the quality and trust that had been eroded by the previous over-use of the BA endorsement we chose not to feature specific holiday destinations, but different holiday types, city breaks, beach holidays, fly-drive etc.


The ad campaign created a link between destinations or holiday activities – everything from aircraft chairs with sun loungers, to a jet engine with a seashell. The Prestige brand was underpinned with the promise ‘Luxury holidays that are reassuringly British Airways’ and was launched targeting affluent and discerning travellers.


The original problem was solved and the brand started to retain its status. The Prestige Collection enjoyed a phenomenal success growing 25% year on year and, in addition to press and DM was rolled out as a luxury brochure and a customer magazine.



Creative Team: David Harris, Peter West, Ali Peaty, Nicky Bullard,  Photographer: Steve Hoskins

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British Airways Holidays Launch

Growing the brand reach and popular appeal without compromising on quality

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