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Vodafone has dominated the business mobile market for years, but the emergence of new tech brands and the BT/ee merger was dramatically eroding margins and questioning Vodafone’s credibility as a technology supplier. In fact, research showed a total lack of awareness of the additional technology that Vodafone could offer.




We reframed the challenge away from simply selling more technology to providing the tools that connected different technologies together and maximised their efficiency. We overcame the disconnect between sales and marketing within the organisation by focussing on creating the tools the sales team needed. This included a range of content triggered by AR that told the ‘seamless’ story. This content evolved into the ‘Seamless’ TV, radio and poster campaign that dramatised how Vodafone is ‘More than Mobile’. It is recognised as Vodafone’s most successful Enterprise campaign ever run and, for the first time, even knocked BT/ee of the customer preference spot.


As we engaged the sales team, hundreds of case studies emerged that told the connected technology story in even more exciting ways and the ‘What’s Next? campaign positions Vodafone as a true tech innovation partner.


Creative Teams: David Harris Ian Cawley, Wayne Jordon; Andy Gardiner, Nick Hay 

Vodafone Enterprise ‘More than Mobile’

From ‘mobile supplier’ to tech innovation partner 

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