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JLL is the world-leading corporate real-estate company. But in a world which is predominantly based on huge finance deals, establishing brand credibility and definition can be difficult. Big, brash advertising seems to be the norm in this sector but didn’t help reinforce JLL’s positioning of ‘Achieve Ambitions’.




Every two years, JLL release a report based on their own in-depth research which reveals how transparent every country is. As it’s highly-anticipated in the market we took a witty Economist approach by highlighting some of the key findings and dramatising them. In addition to making the 2018 report itself more visually JLL branded as well as engaging we also created a full suite of print and digital assets that were used across numerous channels to promote the report and build the JLL brand. Downloads of the report are the highest ever.


Creatives: Luke Ashton, Matt Allen; Illustrator: Pâté

JLL Transparency Report

How a data report helped build a brand

JLL transparency report.jpg
JLL spread.jpg
JLL Eagle.jpg
JLL wave.jpg
JLL pill.jpg
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