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HP are known for their innovation in ink-jet printing. When they announced they were launching a 3D printer, the news was met with scepticism. In the meantime, the split of HP into Enterprise and HP Inc. resulted in a dramatic drop in share price.




Multi-Jet Fusion technology is the patented HP process that drops microscopic dots onto paper. Through conversations with the engineers developing the 3D printer we established that this highly complex technology allows for microscopic drops of additives to be added which can create totally new materials. Like rubber that can conduct electricity. Or bendy metals. It’s a bit like building up pixels – volumetric pixels.


To create a clear differentiation for HP we heroed the ‘voxel’ as a unique way to manufacture and prototype in 3D. Then told stories about how the voxel will transform different sectors like aerospace, automotive, sportswear etc. with a strategy designed to ‘influence the influencers’.


The launch of the transformative ‘HP Voxel’ was phenomenally successful. It created so much global PR the HP Inc. share price climbed by 3 points, adding $0.6 billion in value.


Creative teams: gyro London and San Francisco

HP 3d v2.jpg

HP Inc. 3D Printing global launch

How the ‘voxel’ reversed the fortunes of a FTSE100 company

HP 3d info.jpg
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